How do i change language or category?
just swipe your finger over the current language or category to change to the next one.

Help! all is see is a big start button.
Touch the lock above it and drag it to the bottom of the screen.

Help! I can't hear any sound.
You probably have airplay activated to send audio to wireless speakers. Find the airplay icon and make sure your iPhone or iPad is selected to play audio. You can find the airplay icon when you push the home button twice on your lock screen, this will reveal more controls and the airplay icon, square icon with an up arrow.

I can't hear any sound but I have sound in some other Apps!
Please make sure to have the mute button in the off position. Some apps seem to play sound even with the mute button enabled.

Found a spelling mistake
Please contact support and let us know so we can correct it in the next update. Leaving a negative review if you found a mistake won't help us fix it. Letting us know the mistake you found will get it fixed in the next update!

Cards images won't show on my iPod
There is a known problem with the 2nd generation iPod touch which is being worked on.Please check on future updated that will fix this.